Vicki Bolen

Vicki Bolen

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Featured Artist for the Month of March 2018:
Vicki Bolen

Vicki Bolen is a paper artist living and creating in Albuquerque, NM. Her art business is called Little Bird de Papel because she began her career in paper art folding origami cranes. Her artwork continues to feature paper cranes, as well as origami butterflies and hearts.

Working with paper to create art has given Vicki an appreciation for the beauty and cultural significance of this versatile material. Over the years, Vicki’s work has evolved to include handmade greeting cards, book making, boxes and mono prints. Each piece gives Vicki the opportunity to create something useful while expressing myself artistically.

Vicki and her husband, poet Richard Wolfson, attend numerous art and crafts festivals throughout the country. Vicki and Richard enjoy sharing the joy they experience in creating art individually and  collectively. Vicki incorporates Richard’s poetry into much of her artwork.

Vicki’s artwork is available through her Etsy and Redbubble shops.

Little Bird de Papel on Etsy

Little Bird de Papel on Redbubble