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Artisan Profile

Featured Artist for the Month of September 2017:

Donatella Davanzo

Italian-American anthropologist and photographer, Donatella conceives photography an expressive language able to capture personal stories and ancient crafts. Ranging from an aesthetic research to visual documentations of social aspects, her photographic projects concentrate on ancient traditions, as in the case of Venetian carnival, a colorful event that takes place in Venice, the famous city in the North-East of Italy.

Photographing grotesque stage performances, parades, and portraits, Donatella`s images capture people wearing voluminous and historical costumes while they dance on Venice’s largest campi (small squares), in the theaters, and at spontaneous parties.

Since the 15th century the tradition of carnival has merged with Venetian identity. The use of its masks has spread the art of mask makers and artisan labs. This artistic technique still distinguishes Venice and traits its people, especially during the carnival week.

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